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Broadcast Products - Television Antennas

Radio Frequency Systems provides an extensive range of products for television broadcasting.

Panel Arrays

These are designed as building blocks to provide customized radiation patterns with or without beam tilt and null fill for specific coverage requirements. These arrays are suitable for multi-station use and have high power ratings which is essential where multichannel operation is required. Their versatility also means that they can be used as single components for simple transposer systems. Panel arrays are available for the following bands:

Band I

  • 606L Series - Used for high power, broadband VHF services (44 - 88MHz) with either horizontal or vertical polarization. Ideally suits four sided arrays.
  • 607L Series - Similar to the 606 series but has a broader beam designed for triangular arrays.

Band III

  • 655, 656, 659, 660 Series - Used for high power, broadband VHF services (174 - 230MHz) with either horizontal, vertical or circular (model 662) polarization. Ideally suits four sided arrays and Band III DTV and/or DAB.
  • 657, 658 Series - Used for single or dual channel services (174 - 230MHz) with horizontal polarization. Designed for triangular towers.

Bands IV and V

  • PHP and PVP series - Used for high power, broadband UHF services (470 - 860MHz). The PHP is horizontally polarized whilst the PVP is vertically polarized. Both cover the full band. Designed for four or five sided arrays but can be designed for a variety of configurations. These antennas are ideally suited for DTV by providing the ultimate in flexibility.

Further information on balanced combiners and UHF panel antennas can be found in the technical notes section.

Slots and Dipole Arrays

The antennas available in this range include:

RD Series

Horizontally polarized wideband slot antennas used for UHF services with power handling up to 160kW.

CBS Series

Horizontally polarized slot antennas used for multichannel UHF services with power handling up to 1.3kW.

UD Series

Vertically polarized dipole arrays used for multichannel UHF services. Ideally suited to translator services as they are fully sealed and self-contained.

Other Products

Other supporting antennas for television which RFS provide include:

  • Yagis and log periodics (Bands I and III)
  • Gridkit parabolic antennas (UHF)

Television Antennas

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