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Numeko technologıes

Numeko Technologies is founded to operate in Telecom industry contracting services. The company was established to be involved in telecom network deployment projects, mainly provided qualified telecom service solutions and products for LTE, UMTS and GSM Networks. Numeko Tech has been helping clients with Site Design & Tower Maintenance, GSM Solutions, IOT, Project Management and Pawer Audio Systems needs since 2011.

our values

Our most important value is our human resources and colleagues.

The high quality of our products and services is due to the quality of our colleagues, each of whom is an expert in their own field, who always prioritize honesty, respect, compromise, solidarity and “we” culture.

Our corporate culture, which prioritizes our social values and internalizes being sensitive, sharing and taking responsibilities as agile, is one of our indispensable principles.



The quality of services presented, reliability and customer pleasure has seen a key of permanent success. That is why they adopt a permanent principle of quality.



The aim of the policy is uppermost customer satisfaction , efficient participation, the lowest cost, being on time for the demands and exceptions, must be filled definitive.



Our operations are based on the principle of continuous learning. In addition to developing and improving our operations we train our people in new skills and make efficiency-yielding equipment investments.



Our reliability is the most important guarantee that we give to our stakeholders and business partners.

Believe in Success


Every success starts with 3 things; believe, believe, believe. We dream, we believe, we do.

Valuing People


Valuing people is the starting point of every investment. We work by knowing the targets of our employees in order to provide common benefit.

Respect at every step


We respect knowledge and experience, our employees, our stakeholders, our business partners, our competitors, the society and the environment at every step of our business.

Adding Value by Sharing


We share our knowledge and experience. We offer organizations that create and add value to the service of our society.

Our strategy


To facilitate human life and to prepare safer futures for them by offering innovative approaches and solutions resulting from the combination of technology and human elements.