N-ERGY VRLA batterıes

N-ERGY VRLA batteries are products with sealed lid technology that stand out in stationary plant applications. N-ERGY VRLA technology stationary plant batteries, which are used as the ideal solution in the fields of uninterrupted energy supply and balancing, have high durability and long life. There are glass fiber separators impregnated with high short-circuit resistance in their internal structures and they are produced with valved, maintenance-free product technology. 

N-ERGY VRLA batteries, which are classified as standard VRLA, HTB (High Temperature Battery) VRLA, UPS and 2V AGM, have a very wide application area. They can be used as a power source in many areas such as telecom stations, power distribution stations, solar power plants, wind power plants, thermic power plants, hydroelectric power plants, security systems, rail systems, fire alarm systems, data processing rooms and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 

N-ERGY VRLA Batteries provide high performance and safety for long-term applications. In this type of batteries, which are produced in flame retardant boxes and have low pressure automatic closing valve control, the gas in the battery is recovered through the “gas recombination” system.  The fact that there is no need for maintenance in closed system batteries and that they can be used indoors, even in horizontal or vertical positions, are among the outstanding product features.

N-ERGY VRLA Batteries, which are leak-proof since they do not contain free-form acid, have a long cycle life thanks to their casting technology and specially formulated grid alloys. Their deep discharge resistance and low internal resistance provide long-term use. While producing N-ERGY VRLA batteries, impact resistant ABS box cover technology is used and is shipped with the necessary installation material. For 2V batteries, a special rack system can also be provided upon customer request. 




Standard VRLA Batteries


Products with fully closed box cover technology providing high performance and safety




HTB VRLA Batteries


Long-lasting, reinforced product technology suitable for use in high temperature conditions






12V UPS Batteries


The ideal solution for uninterruptible power supplies