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Numeko Technologies provides you In building and Tunnel Solutions for your network at fields like Shopping malls, subway lines, Tunnels, underground autoparks, hospitals, Hotels, residences and High Buildings.


%80 of the Mobile phone users are located in the buildings. The signal level inside the buildings is lower than outside. This situation brings the requirement of in building solutions. Numeko Technologies is your right solution partner to achieve the better quality in both indoor and outdoor.


Wireless Indoor Solutions offering to customers RF communication systems for confined areas. It enables people to use their mobile radios and cellular phones in areas not normally covered with RF signals. Wireless Indoor solutions delivers coverage solutions inside and throughout all kind structures as tunnels, buildings; which is crucial since more than 80% of all wireless connections (voice, data) are generated indoors. Wireless indoor solutions can improve networks; from coverage extension to offloading outdoor networks (capacity control).

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