CELL ON WHEELS (COW) & Telecom COntaıners


People move more than ever, gather in larger numbers, and ask for faster and stronger GSM signals everywhere, all the time. Stationary base stations require high capital for land and construction. More importantly, stationary stations can only be at one place at a time,


Flexible Solutions for Temporary Needs.

  • Sports Events
  • Concerts, Festivals, Exhibitions
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Power Outages


Van Type Mobile BTS

Van type mobile stations are typically preferred for short term use, especially at temporarily crowded events, such as concerts, sports games, exhibitions, and mass gatherings.

Vans can be driven through any part of the city without limitary regulations. They enable quick access and immediate relocation when needed, given the short set-up time required.

We convert the van of your choice to a mobile BTS.



10m pole

  • Haul it anywhere you want
  • Typically utilized for longer term operational needs
  • Economic and Simple Solution
  • Quick and Easy Set-up on-site


24m pole

  • Higher capacity, stronger coverage
  • Pre-setup dimensions 2,5m x 6m
  • Post-setup dimensions 12m x 12m
  • Only 6 hours to set-up with 4 people
  • Requires a crane to lift the pole to its position
  • Fixed by eight guy-ropes


In addition to above list Numeko provides Panelvan Type and BTS Rooms (2×2 container).


  • Typically utilized for longer term operational needs
  • Delivers solutions for higher capacity requirements
  • Capable to carry taller poles (max.16m) & large satellite antennas
  • Creates a living-space for the operator
  • Ideal to deliver sustainable coverage at times of natural disasters

Telecom contaıners & shelters

With the support of mobile base stations, they bring their customers they serve with the comfort of uninterrupted communication everywhere. Millions of mobile phone users around the world prefer operators with high coverage areas, which is the most important issue in their operator selection. Investment preferences in the field, which constitute an important key point in this value in customer operator preference, are also extremely important. With our GSM container products, we help operators to increase their service quality by protecting their devices in open areas.


In the project design of our GSM mobile base station container structures, special technical equipment is selected considering the climatic conditions of the area of use.