N-ERGY Stationary (OPzS) Batteries are a technologically developed form of general lead acid stationary plant batteries. They are specially designed and manufactured for the user in the floating voltage operating system, taking into account the minimum maintenance and low energy cost. Its main feature is that it discharges less on its own due to its low antimony lead alloy, thus greatly reducing water loss. It has a high ability to hold the active material and charge-discharge. 
N-ERGY Stationary Batteries shipped fully charged and ready to use; they can be assembled quickly and safely, without the need for much training. They do not require the addition of distilled water for 2-3 years or more under normal floating charge. There are min/max level lines showing the electrolyte level in transparent plastics on the boxes. There is no acid splash or leakage, thanks to the glued-on lid and specially produced ceramic vent plugs. 

N-ERGY Stationary (OPzS) Batteries contain corrosion-resistant grids produced with injection technology in the internal structure of batteries and active material positive plates made of lead with 99.99% purity.  Negative plates with a special paste formula that provide high performance are composed of negative grids that keep the active material for a long time. Leaf type separators with high porosity and puncture resistance are used. Low-antimony grid alloys provide high corrosion resistance and minimal water loss. 

N-ERGY Stationary (OPzS) Batteries use transparent boxes made of acid and impact resistant materials. (SAN box and ABS cover) Thanks to the prisms at the bottom of the boxes, the risk of a short circuit is eliminated. It contains sealing gaskets on the cover that ensure the sealing of the terminals, and openable ceramic vent plugs that allow measuring the electrolyte density by adding water. N-ERGY Stationary batteries, which are resistant to 1,200 – 1,500 charge-discharge cycles, have a service life of 15 years or more.

N-ERGY Stationary (OPzS) Batteries with capacities ranging from 150Ah to 5,000Ah are produced according to TSE and DIN standards and its electrical values are measured. They have an extensive usage area such as telecom stations, power distribution stations, solar power plants, wind power plants, thermic power plants, hydroelectric power plants, security systems, rail systems, data processing rooms and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).





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Thanks to their die cast tubular plates, N-ERGY OPzV batteries provide excellent cycling and proven long life under float conditions. VRLA technology eliminates the need for watering, while color-coded terminals, bolt-on type connectors, and a pressure relief valve support safety and ease of operation.